New Customers of FastEST Estimating Software Realize a Smooth Transition

FastEST, Inc. has created of one of the fastest-growing mechanical estimating software suites on the market today. The company is well-versed in the process a new customer experiences implementing estimating programs into its bidding regimen. Whether it’s FastEST’s FastPIPE®, FastDUCT®, or FastWRAPTM program, or some combination of those, the transition to fully implementing the software is markedly smooth and seamless.

Generally, contractors who have recently purchased or leased an estimating system from FastEST fall into one of two categories. There are those shifting from the “paper and ruler” by-hand takeoff method, and those switching over from a computer spreadsheet-based or alternative estimating software program.

For those converting from the classic hard copy plan takeoff method, a few benefits are immediate. Since a user is able to directly import digital plans into FastEST programs for on-screen takeoff, there’s an automatic time and cost savings, related to no longer needing to run to the printer and spend money on a paper set of plans, all for the opportunity to bid on a project. Frequently, this cost savings alone is equal to or even greater than the cost to lease one estimating system.

For those contractors switching from a competing estimating software, the easy-to-learn design, coupled with FastEST’s unmatched customer support makes the transition a simple and easily manageable process. And for those changing from an in-house spreadsheet method of estimating, many times FastEST can export that program’s takeoff data into a new customer’s existing spreadsheet, if desired.

FastEST programs are “out-of-the-box” ready, regardless of a contractor’s trade focus. There are ready-to-use, though easily customizable, templates for plumbing, mechanical, and other piping contractors in FastPIPE®, and templates in FastDUCT® for customers who purchase their ductwork and those who build it instead. And there are no add-on fees for certain database packages. All of our programs come standard with a full material and labour database, that includes all major materials, items, and scopes for both piping and ductwork contracting.

One of the most important steps of the transition to FastEST software is calibration to match a new customer’s previous methods. Fine-tuning material pricing is simple, and can be accomplished either with a pre-loaded multiplier structure, or by locking in net pricing via the programs’ easily navigable database. On the labour side, FastEST labour can be analyzed as compared to an old method estimate, and then factored down with one of up to four customizable labour factors (One example of this labour factor scenario might be a contractor who has one factor for standard new commercial projects, another for retrofits and existing work, a third for a specific client they work with frequently, and perhaps a fourth for change order work.) And, as mentioned before, each program in the FastEST collection is customizable, and can be tailored to an individual contractor’s situation.

If you’re interested in evolving from your current estimating strategy, let FastEST show you how stress-free that process can be. Visit our website at, or give us a call at 800.828.7108. Contact us today to find out more about our award-winning estimating software, and to schedule a free online demonstration.