Stillaguamish Administration Building

SMACNA – WW Member Firm: Johansen Mechanical Inc.
Designer: Womer & Associations / Johansen Mechanical
Materials used: Stainless Steel, Hot-Rolled Powder Coated Steel

The featured image highlights a portion of the intricate architectural metalwork provided by Johansen Mechanical, Inc. on the Stillaguamish Administration Building in Arlington, WA. Completed in February 2016, the decorative finishes hold historical significance to the Stillaguamish Tribal members. The design expertise of JMI’s team of metal artisans made it possible to coordinate with Womer & Associates in the design, build, fabrication, and furnishing of the interior and exterior architectural elements throughout the facility.

The building was designed to resemble a canoe when viewed from above, to recognize the Stillaguamish Tribe’s heritage as River People. From the ground, the 57,000-square-foot building features various natural textures and Indigenous elements utilized throughout the complex. Carved wooden eagles perch on the branches of a manufactured tree situated in an atrium between the first and second floors. The river reference appears among shades of blue on the atrium’s bottom floor. In the middle of this river is an historic dugout canoe recently returned to the tribe by the Stanwood Area Historical Society. Railings showcase metal salmon and the walls are a stunning gallery of art from Northwest Indigenous Tribes. Warm woodgrain on the exterior complements the hues of the surrounding landscape and the interior material palette. The $13.8 million administration buidling is built on tribal trust land adjacent to the Stillaguamish Reservation, and will bring together previously scattered departments.

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