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    Energy Code Dilemma

    Contractors express concern over NEBC 2015 changes by / Jessica Kirby LAST YEAR marked the implementation of changes to the National Energy Code for Buildings (2015) that called for increases in insulation thickness on duct and piping [...]

Current Issue

Current Issue

Summer 2016

July 25, 2016

Sheet Metal Training Centre Completes Installation Mockup Energy Code Dilemma Everyone wants to go greener—but at what cost? Retention Rigour Be present and open to criticism if you want to keep your workforce. Minding Microbes […]


Fantastic! Congratulations Jonathan Mauro! #sheetmetal #CanadianContest https://t.co/qDtMsiZm7t

This is an older story but definitely worth posting. Reduce smog and make a saleable product. Sweet. #smog... https://t.co/9l0whzfggV

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Wow we love this story. What a great way to make a construction site interesting for its patients. Way to go!... https://t.co/0tneThiGUK

Ministry of Finance is reaching out to make sure contractors get the PST right. Check it out!... https://t.co/oxn2wuxNRA

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